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Painting Courses in Oil and Acrylic

in St-Lambert on the South Shore of Montréal

Get inspired

Learn different techniques in applying paints as well as how to combine colours in order to complete your painting. Students are free to choose their own subjects.
Beginners and advanced students alike can progress at their own pace in a small workshop setting.

Learn painting techniques that are accessible to all.

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Let's go paint outside!

To participate in this new adventure and reserve your easel write to me at or at 514-813-2643

When: Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Price: $ 25

If you are registered for the winter 2020 session and your session was interrupted by COVID-19, two of its days are free for you.

Meeting place: Parc de la rivière Saint-Jacques in Brossard.

The entrance to the park is near 9655 Rue Ignace, Brossard, Quebec J4Y 2P3- Put this address in Google Maps


What to bring:

Painting materials of course: canvas, paint, brushes, rags, solvent or water jug, etc.

You can bring a canvas already started or a blank canvas and take inspiration from the landscape.

Folding chair and small folding table (if you have one, otherwise I have 3 to lend and there are 3 picnic tables on the premises)

Sun hat, sunscreen, snacks, water bottles

Bring your easel or reserve one of mine.

COVID-19 : Mixarts is reopening gradually


We take all necessary and possible precautions to keep you safe against COVID-19.
The precautions put in place are as follows:

  •     One person at a time into the entrance hallway to ensure as little contact as possible
  •     Have small groups of only 7 students
  •     Wearing a mask is recommended
  •     Workstations separated  by 2 meters
  •     One person at a time at the sink to wash the brushes
  •     I will wear a mask and gloves so as not to contaminate your brushes if I have to touch them when I help you.
  •     Wash, Wash, Wash all surfaces after each course….

We will keep you informed of our situation on our Facebook page and by email. If you have any questions, I remain at your disposal. Please contact us by email at or by phone at 514-813-2643.

Mixarts painting workshop

Oil Painting Courses

Oil painting courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced, let you discover techniques that are within your grasp. In a friendly, supportive environment of no more than 6 students, your teacher is available to guide you, answer your questions and demonstrate the techniques you’ll need to master for each of your paintings.

You’ll progress at your own speed, focus on the subjects that you want to paint and never be left without expert guidance.


Acrylic Painting Courses


Faster drying, extremely versatile and prized by influential artists, acrylic painting offers limitless possibilities. Again, these techniques are within the reach of beginners, intermediate or accomplished artists.
These workshops also have a maximum of 6 students at a time, assuring a personalized attention to each. To maximize each student’s sense of accomplishment, painting subjects are always left up to the student.



It is important to us that you enjoy learning with us. Progressing at your own rhythm is key to assuring your enjoyment and your satisfaction as you gain mastery over the many techniques available to the artist. Among them:

  • Drawing, Sketching
  • Mixing Colours
  • Portraits, Landscape, Animals
  • Abstract Painting
  • Painting with spatula or palette knife
  • Mixed Medium
  • Texturing
  • Image Transfers

   No prerequisites, no previous experience required. Even if you cannot draw and have never painted before.
   We supply the easel, wifi and a welcoming atmosphere.
   You bring your paint, brushes, canvas and a photo reference of your chosen subject.
   Mixarts can supply materials – except the canvas – for $7 per course.

Private Consultation

Do you need some guidances to give you that extra push to start or to complete a piece ofwork?
Get the support and guidance you need from an experienced artist whose objective is to help reach that goal. Whether you’re stuck, need a little help with finishing touches or are looking for inspiration to complete your art, a one-on-one approache, can help get you past whatever obstacle you’re facing.
For example:

  •  Which techniques to use
  •  Colour harmony
  •  Correcting errors in drawing and perspective

Mixarts is here to listen and to help with whatever is preventing you from achieving the painting you want to complete.

30$ an hour.

Atelier de peinture

Need a Place to Paint ?

You need to work on a painting but have no room?

Your lighting is bad? Too many distractions? You don’t want to dirty your floor?

Reserve a spot in one of Mixarts’ workshops. Work without interruptions in an environment that offers:

  •  Excellent lighting for true colours

  • Wifi

  • Good music and friendly atmosphere

  • A place to clean your brushes

Gift Certificates

Here’s an idea to delight the artist who would not think of this for themselves: a gift certificate for painting classes.

Available for an entire semester or for a private consultation.




Excellent teacher, very attentive, mastering all the techniques of her art, Angel transmits her passion to her students with a lot of energy, talent, patience, and a note of humour.

I learned a lot during the two courses that I was able to follow with her, and really enjoyed working with the talented artists who are her students. Thank you Angel and probably see you very soon. Randa P


Very interesting courses with good concepts and tips to arrive at a very satisfactory end product. After being inactive for a long time, Angel knew how to instill in me the taste, the interest and the confidence in me to take up new creative challenges. Her workshop is also a place of exchange, inspiration and renewal, where there is a beautiful energy. I am very satisfied and happy to have joined this painting school and I highly recommend it. My goal of being able to integrate this creative activity into my everyday life has been achieved. Thank Angel Cécile B


Angel is a very good painting teacher. She is patient, teaches well and is particularly good at advising you on mixing colors. Take a class with her, you won't regret it!
Nicole F

Angel is aptly named: she is an angel to guide us in our development in painting and she has wings because she can fly over several styles and media. There are no obstacles to her flexibility to adapt to our needs as painters, from beginners to experts. The lessons are relaxed and the atmosphere is stimulating and warm. Angel knows how to put us at ease and give us confidence in our abilities with a good dose of humor.
I have known Angel for over ten years and I always enjoy coming back after temporary absences. I have made several paintings over the years and I am currently interested in semi-abstract painting and the use of spatulas. At the dawn of my retirement, it is a nourishing and enriching activity where the exchange with other painters is done with pleasure and respect.
Lise B.

For inspiring ideas call 514 813-2643